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Cotton Tear

Most popular

Cotton tear embroidery backing, another name is Paper backing, is widely used and cheapest. It is easily tearaway in two ways. We only use pure recycle cotton to produce our product. Tearaway embroidery backing is temporary stabilizers and it is easy to be removed after your stitching is completed. We recommend using tearaway for medium to heavy weight fabrics and dense embroidery designs. After embroidery, it can be torn away with hands in either horizontal or vertical direction.


Quality upgrade: No stone powder, non-fluorescent agent. No stone powder falls down during embroidery process.

Material: 100% recycle cotton
Handfeel: hard
Weight: 20-120gsm
Max width: 200cm
Color: off white, bleached white & black


To Use:  Place stabilizer under fabric.  Hoop both fabric and stabilizer and stitch design. For additional support, two or more layers of stabilizer can be used. Once stitching is complete, gently tear away the stabilizer from fabric.