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Polyester Spunbond

Made of 100% Polyester filament fiber

Cutaway embroidery backing is one kind of permanent stabilizers that remains on the fabric and keep it stable during and after embroidery. It's a good choice for knit fabrics as it prevents the designs from stretching out with frequent wearing and washing. Cutaway stabilizer is also recommended to use on loosely woven fabrics and on projects to be framed, where visibility of the stabilizer is not an issue. It does well in projects where the machine embroidery stabilizer can be left in the finished piece. However, as dense embroidery or clothing items will be washed frequently, cutaway is good for staying and giving added stability.


Polyester spunbond is made of 100% Polyester filament fiber.

Weight: 30gsm to 300gsm

Color: white and black

Max width: 260cm


To use: Place stabilizer under fabric. Hoop all fabric, stabilizer and stitch design. Once stitching is complete, remove the hoop and trim away the excess backing with scissors from fabric up to the outer edge of stitches.