The instructions and potential risks of wearing masks

A growing number of countries encourage people to wear masks when go out in order to prevent transmission of the virus through droplets, so as to protect each other. We learned that many customers are in urgent need of masks. Our company has spent a lot of energy and financial resources to organize masks in China and send them to customers in need free of charge.
Please kindly read the following instructions and potential risks carefully before you wear the masks provided by us:

1.    In accordance with the relevant regulations of each country on the import and export of anti-epidemic materials, we choose disposable protective masks to provide to customers free of charge. This kind of mask is a non- sterile mask, which is only suitable for ordinary daily protection, to prevent the spread of droplets, but cannot completely block the virus, and it should never be used for hospital surgery or medical related purposes.     

2.    This mask is made of polypropylene non-woven fabric, which is a kind of chemical fiber. Someone might be allergic to chemical fiber raw materials. For example, after wearing a mask for a period of time, allergies such as itching, redness, and acne may appear on the face contact area. Once the above allergies appear, please stop using it immediately. The appearance of allergies does not mean that the mask has quality problems. We strongly recommend that you carefully determine whether you are allergic to the mask material before wearing the mask.

3.    We found that some people, especially the elderly or people with respiratory diseases, may aggravate the disease after wearing a mask. After you receive the masks sent by us, whether you use it for yourself or want to transfer it to others, please be sure to fully understand this potential risk and determine whether you, and the gifted person, are not suitable for wearing a mask.
4.    Children may cause suffocation when they use the mask incorrectly, so you must keep the mask out of the reach of children.

5.    Our company provides free masks to customers in need, which is based on a simple humanitarian spirit and is a kind act. Our company does not assume any legal responsibility for any uncomfortable reactions such as allergies, breathing difficulties, choking, etc. caused by wearing the masks provided by us.
Here, we once again wish everyone safety and health, and wish us humanity an early victory over the COVID-19.